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BEDOC prides itself on delivering a high quality service and encourages both staff and patients alike to feedback to the organisation so it can listen, learn and grow as a result.

We aim to work to the highest standard of clinical quality and patient care and are continuously looking for ways to improve and develop our services. We place considerable emphasis on reviewing the clinical care we provide and acting upon feedback from our patients.

We welcome feedback, this may be positive or in the form of a complaint. On receipt of a complaint we will send a letter acknowledging the complaint within 3 working day . We aim to respond to your complaint within 25 working days, however if this is not possible we will advise you of the reasons why.

You can feedback to us via the form below or by phone, email or writing by visiting the contact us page of the website.

If you have used BEDOC services recently and would like to share your experience please click the button below.


BEDOC recognises the value of complaints and the learning that flows from them. BEDOC acknowledges it's duty of transparency and candour in dealing with complaints as proposed by the Francis enquiry report and recognises the requirement to promote greater openness throughout the organisation.

BEDOC aims to deal with complaints as fast and as efficiently as possible. All complaints will be treated courteously and fairly, making every effort to resolve the issue.

BEDOC’s complaints procedure complies with NHS standards.

The complaints procedure has two stages. The first phase is known as local resolution this provides an opportunity for BEDOC to investigate and respond to the complainant. The majority of complaints are resolved at this stage. Patient confidentiality will be maintained at all times when dealing with complaints.

Complaints will be acknowledged within two working days of receipt and a thorough investigation will be conducted with the aim that a final response letter is completed within 25 working days. If this timescale cannot be adhered to BEDOC will write to the complainant explaining the reasons for the delay.

If a complainant remains dissatisfied following the conclusion of local resolution, the complainant may ask the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman to review the complaint. This is know as the second stage of the procedure.

People wishing to complain may write, email or phone.

By email:

By phone: 01234 889091

In writing:

Debbie Martin, CEO,

Elstow medical centre,Abbeyfields,Elstow,Bedford,MK42 9GP


When investigating a complaint, BEDOC will endeavour to:

  • Discover what has happened 
  • Investigate the matter thoroughly, interviewing all staff concerned
  • If a problem is identified the organisation will take steps to ensure the issue is not replicated

NHS complaints advocacy service offers free independent support and advice during the complaints processes and you can also access your local health watch and Bedfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group Complaints Department for more information.

If you would like to take part in our online patient focus group in the future please enter your email address below. This will give you the opportunity to assist in the development of BEDOC.

Safe and effective quality service now and in the future