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BEDOC Services

BEDOC provides urgent GP care out of hours. If you require the service, first call your Doctor's surgery or 0345 850 0734. Your call will then be answered by an East of England Ambulance Service (Eeast) call handler who will go through a few details of your condition, name, phone number and address. If the call handler deems your condition urgent or life threatening they will call an ambulance. If the call handler believes BEDOC can help you, you will receive a call back where you will speak to a Doctor or Nurse. 111 calls can also be directed to our service. Click here for an easy read leaflet on the 111 service.

The clinician will either:

  • Advise you on how to look after your symptoms at home.
  • Invite you to attend the BEDOC centre for a face to face consultation with either a Nurse or Doctor.
  • Arrange for a GP to visit you in your home. This will only happen if your symptoms prevent you from travelling to the BEDOC Centre
  • Advise that you need to attend Accident and Emergency.
  • Advise that you need an ambulance to take you to Accident and Emergency.

If you are invited to attend the centre, on arrival you must report to BEDOC reception.

On occasion patients maybe seen outside of arrival time order this will be when symptoms are deemed to be urgent.

Is transport provided?

BEDOC does not provide transport for it's patients. If you are considered well enough to get to the centre and do not have your own transport you will need to find a friend or relative to bring you to the centre or get a bus or taxi.

Communication requirements

BEDOC can help with any communication requirements. Interpreters can be provided during appointments and 111 NHS service provides a British sign language interpreter to help you call 111 if required. Click here for more information and easy read leaflet on the 111 service.

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